Monday, 18 September 2017

[3DS][PSA] Nintendo Releases 11.6 Update - Is it safe to Update with Custom firmware? is it safe to Update with Homebrew? + Flipnote Studio 3DS Gets eShop Update

This Article is a Written Version of this Video:

Today Nintendo Released an update to the Nintendo 3DS Line of Handheld video game systems.

Heres Nintendo Official Statement:

The 11.6 update was noticed 3 hours (5pm EST) before release (8pm) by Yellows8Bot's Twitter account which you can see here:

Currently this is what is known about the 11.6 Update & how it Effects Luma 3DS Users:

this is an exert from this Reddit Thread
As you can see nothing is Really affected by this 11.6 update

IF you are on 11.5 with Homebrew or CFW you are SAFE TO UPDATE BUT I DON'T RECOMMEND IT YET!

Nothing will happen to your homebrew or CFW
but not everything is known about this update yet!

Keep an eye on these Threads to learn more:

Flipnote Studio 3DS also Received a Forced update (probably to go along with the JPN update) to be able to use it.

Not word from MrNBAYoh on lasthax/flipnote3dshax being patched just yet but I'll keep you guys updated!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

[WiiU][Tutorial][#9] How to Inject Wii ISO's & wbfs Game Rips - into Wii U Virtual Console Games - You Can Install With WUPInstaller GX2!

This Tutorial is a Written Version of This Video:

Created for this GBATemp Thread: "WiiVC Injector Script"

What Following this Tutorial will let you Accomplish: 
  • Inject Wii ISO's or WBFS Rips Into Virtual Console Games (install-able with WUPInstaller)
  • Play "Classic Controller" Compatible Wii Games with the Wii U Gamepad
Classic Controller Compatible Game List here:

WiiU][Tutorial][#9] How to Inject Wii ISO's & wbfs Game Rips - into Wii U Virtual Console Games PT2

Part 2 - Injecting Wii ISO's Into VC

WiiU][Tutorial][#9] How to Inject Wii ISO's & wbfs Game Rips - into Wii U Virtual Console Games PT3

Part 3 - Installing WiiVC Games with WUP Installer GX2

Monday, 4 September 2017

[3DS][News][Tutorial] Anemone "Anemone - 3DS Theme Manager" - First Look - Can it Dethrone Themely? - Kill CHMM2?

Recently a New Theme Manager for the Nintendo 3DS appeared on the homebrew scene.

 It may or may not work on Homebrew at the moment,
(it should but the payloads might not allow it to boot on 11.5 userland)
but is quickly making a name for itself with CFW users

Right off the bat, forums goers were quickly speculating, that with a few updates, this could be the theme manager to De-throne Themely & Kill off CHMM2 once and for all. 

The Creator of Anemone is none other then dev "astronautlevel", currently known for one of the Rosalina-less Luma 3DS CFW projects. 

(I use these builds everyday dual booted with the normal 8.1.1)
Check that project out here:

Anemone Screenshots: 


As you can see from the screen shots, it has a fairly simple and clean User Interface.

I think it has a lot of potential to become "prettier" in the future (like themely being "beautiful") but I really do enjoy it perfectly as it currently is.

It functions fine and I haven't had any Issues yet!


You can Install it from the QR Code using FBI
- Open FBI
- Remote Install
- Scan from QR Code
- Exit FBI & Unwrap Gift


Install on Homebrew/Rosalina Homebrew
- Download the anemone.3dsx 
- Place it in the /3ds/ Folder on your SD Card
- Load with Homebrew

How to Download Themes with QR Codes:

With today's Release, which you can download here: Latest Release

You can now "Press the R button" while in Anemone to bring up the QR Code Scanner
- Go to on your PC
- Find a Theme you Like
- Hover your mouse over the Theme (a QR Code will Appear)

- Press the R button (your 3DS will bring up the Camera)
- Scan QR Code on Theme Plaza with 3DS Camera

- Wait for Download (3ds might appear to Freeze while downloading)
- Repeat for more Themes

How To Enable Theme Shuffle:

You can enable 2-10 themes with theme shuffle so every time you reload the home menu it will be a different theme and background music.

- Select your Themes by Pressing B on them individually
- After Selecting your Themes a Shuffle icon will appear next to the ones you chose

- Press Select (-) on Each theme you chose (top 3DS screen will say "Installing a shuffle theme...")

- After pressing Select on each Shuffle theme and installing them, Hit Home and Exit Anemone


Already in just a few days I think Anemone has the Potential to Be the Best Theme Manager out there, and with the Splash screen support, its already Boasting more features then King Themely. 

Although I think it comes up short in the looks department, and still could use more features, we are soon to be singing the praises of King Anemone - while a near silent "themely who" rings out in the crowd.

Much Love Everyone Peace!


You can Donate to Support the Channel below
- - - Streamlabs ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Anemone Github Release/Download: Anemone GBATemp Thread: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ThemePlaza:

Anemone Screenshots Taken by Me
Anemone Logo by astronautlevel
Themes & Themeplaza Screenshot from (taken by me)
astronautlevel Headshot from

Game In Canada Is not Affiliated with Themely, GbaTemp, Anemone, or

Saturday, 19 August 2017

[3DS][News] Smea Released 11.4 & 11.5 Payloads for o3DS & 2DS - and RPGHax is almost ready to download!

Today is a some big news for 2DS and old 3DS users, as smea as now released the 11.4 and 11.5 homebrew launcher payloads.

This release perfectly coincides with mrnbayoh's release of RPGhax which should be coming soon! (the next day or two)

RPGHax is a Primary entrypoint which means you only need 1 stock 3DS to get it!

other Primary Entry points for 11.5 Include:

  • Ninjhax
  • Freakyhax

Some Seconday Entry points are:

  • Oothax
  • Basehax

You can get the New Payloads here:

Make sure to Download RPG FES Player for FREE from the eShop to Prepare you for RPGhax!

Monday, 17 July 2017

[WiiU][PSA] Nintendo Releases "5.5.2 Firmware Update" - 1.5 Years after "5.5.1"

Today Nintendo did the unthinkable and updated the WiiU with a firmware update 5.5.2.


Turn off your Wifi before turning on your system if you aren't sure you Blocked Nintendo!

  •  Follow These Links to Block Nintendo on your WiiU

- How to Change DNS:
- How to Block Tendy on your Router:

Monday, 10 July 2017

[3DS][News] NINTENDO RELEASES 11.5.0-38 & no one can figure out what it did - Smea Already Releases 11.5 *hax Payloads - NOTHING BROKEN FOR CFW USERS!

Today around 8-9 pm I received a tweet on my phone from Smea & Yellows8' Twitter Bot. These Tweets were directing my attention to the Fact that Nintendo Released a "New 11.5 Update" for the Nintendo n3DS, o3DS & 2DS.

Right off the bat I was a bit worried but as it turns out:

- If you have Luma CFW and Boot9Strap it is SAFE TO UPDATE TO 11.5.0
(make a nand backup if you don't have one first! -->HOW TO MAKE A NAND BACKUP<--)

- Everything Rosalina Related still works fine!

- Kernel Exploits for the 3DS "end of life" were not patched on 11.5
( These are soft-mods for the future after nintendo drops support for the 3DS)

- Smea Already Updated the Payloads before I even got Home - Unfortunately the o3DS and 2DS still aren't able to use Homebrew on Userland Devices (non-cfw)

These *hax Payloads don't matter if you have Luma CFW on 8.0 or Higher:
- CFW users use the "Boot.3dsx" File on the root of your SD Card to launch homebrew (don't need to change anything)
Homebrew Payloads n3DS ONLY:

Its Quite possible this new update from Tendy was just to bring more "Stability" to the n3DS and o3DS 

- There were a few games released lately, and its possible 11.5 fixed some simple bug issues on the older devices or something to that effect.

I will keep you guys up to date on the latest!

Watch the Video for This Artcle here:

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

[3DS][News][08-27-2017] As suspected "arm9 and kernal 11 exploits" are still abundant on 11.4 - Smea Tweets "Waiting for Tendy to Stop Supporting the 3DS" - Does this mean Years until Softmodding 11.4? Twitter A-blaze

Yesterday Smea confirmed in a Tweet - what we thought was true all along - that devs were holding out on Releasing kernal exploits for Nintendo 3DS' on 11.4 Firmware.

This might come as a suprise to some, but much speculation was done regarding when a new exploit would be released for 11.4.
  • Some thought maybe an 11.5 update would accompany the new2dsxl, but the device has  since been released in Australia & New Zealand for almost a month now & its confirmed to be on 11.4.0
This gave us a little sigh of relief as DSiwarehax and ntrboothax still work on the n2dsxl 

- meaning that we will always be able to CFW those devices in those aspects (until dsiware isn't available)

Shortly after this news of dsiware and ntrboothax not being patched on 2dsxl, Nintendo released this statement- 

(original article by View it here: IGN ARTICLE

I can only assume this statement has scared the devs away from releasing anything too soon, as it might be the next target to get patched on an Upcoming 11.5 or even 11.6 update from Nintendo

Check the latest firmware released by Nintendo here, before anywhere else:

Although it is a scary thought, that one day the 3DS wont be like the WiiU or the Wii- able to be softmodded super easily- like it was so easily just mere months ago.

- It is this scary thought that leads me to believe that the best decision is to hold off on releasing these exploits. it would be an absolute shame to lose them in the short future (like with 11.2 and 11.3)

Another part of me says maybe nintendo already knows of some of these exploits and will patch them anyways on upcoming firmware releases, making this whole point of holding out on release of exploits null and void.

Also this apprehension to releases hax in fear of patching also leads me to believe the exploit well is running dry for the 3DS (mere speculation and I am prepared to put my foot in my mouth)

One last note, although nedwill tweeted about waiting for the EOL - when he heard Tendy was planning on Supporting the 3DS well into 2018 he tweeted this.. (maybe meaning that waiting just isn't worth it, even if eventually losing soundhax2)

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Nintendo DMCA's Every Mainstream Rom and ISO from a Popular Backup Website (Mario,Pokemon,Fire Emblem, Megaman, Kirby) + MH:XX JPN Disappears from the titlekey site

If you've been on emuparadise lately, you might have noticed messages like this under every mainstream title Nintendo owns, 

It turns out Nintendo has DMCA'd a bunch of older Generation Consoles/Handheld Games
Removing Entire Series' like:


What could this possibly mean? 

Well other then us not being able to get all the games we know and love easily in backup form
It might mean that Nintendo is gearing up for a Massive Release on the Nintendo eShop, both for Switch and 3DS - to hopefully attract buyers to the n2dsxl.

This would also make sense with Monster Hunter Double Cross being removed from the Title keys websites, and with its Release scheduled for America, maybe Nintendo is getting rid of all traces of the games it wants people to legally acquire.

Update on MH:XX-  (I've been informed of transfering all your save data over to the USA Version when its released IS POSSIBLE - so maybe Nintendo wants to Prevent that as well.

This doesn't exactly make sense as to why they would remove the JAPANESE version but it seems with the English Translation Patch being already at v3, there might be too many users from American already Playing. (see above for update regarding Save data transfer)

Its also possible they need to do some sort of server maintanence to get the SWITCH and 3DS to work together for MH:XX - just speculation - You can Watch my Video on it here:


Monster Hunter XX

When I Learn more I will let you guys know.
If you know of any titles that have been removed please Tweet me @GameInCanada

Monday, 5 June 2017


Hopefully Youtubes Monkey's un-delete my video soon.. if not here it is. I'm making near no money by posting this here so think about donating please, even just a Dollar. Cheers

Donate Here:

Sorry It's kind of Blurry, I could only grab a 360p version from the cache, I hope its good enough. Sorry Again Guys.


Absolute Legends


Links: - Click here if you dont have b9s yet - Follow Along with the Video

Sunday, 4 June 2017

[3DS][News][Release] Luma3DS v8.0 - Introducing "InputRedirect Support" (now with C-STICK!) - Homebrew Launcher Support (no payloads) - Built In "NTR Like" Menu Dubbed "Rosalina"

Luma 3DS was just updated to go along with boot9strap v1.2 - there isn't a ton of technical features worth mentioning, but many new things implemented for the Daily User. Such as:

  • Built In Input Redirection Support - just from having Luma Running - no more InputProc.cia

The amazing thing about this is that InputRedirectionClient now support C-STICK Functionality as well as the Extra ZR and ZL Buttons (this new feature only works on new3DS)

There is also:

  • Built in Home 
  • Built in Power Button 

Both implemented into the User Interface!
Pretty cool stuff we are now on the verge of fully controlling the 3DS with a Xinput Controller!

New InputRedirectionClient

The Homebrew Launcher No Longer Requires payloads to run!
Hopefully no more waiting for payloads to drop! (not that we aren't grateful to smealum - payloads will still be needed for non-cfw users)

Holding Down+Select+ L will load an NTR style menu - where you can:

  • Checkout Running Proccesses
  • View running Patches (layered FS)
  • Take a Screenshot
  • Enabled Disable Clock+L2 on the fly (new3ds only)

I'll Have a Guide how to update Soon!

View the Full Release notes here:

UPDATE: Plailect updated the Guide for updating:

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

[3DS][News][05-30-2017] SciresM just Uploaded an 3DS Unbricking Video - using only a DS Flashcart - Custom Firmware on ANY Device soon?

Earlier Today SciresM tried out a NTR Custom Firmware Flashcart with Boot9Strap on it - Created by Normmatt

To unbrick a Nintendo 3DS

Proof of Concept Video here:

The reason this is possible was revealed by SciresM in a boot9strap/sighax Slideshow.

View the Slideshow: here

Near the end of the slideshow there were two slides (pictured above) pertaining to that fact that:
- A certain button combination being Pressed while the lid is closed 
- Allows NTR Cartridge Booting before the bootrom.

(Select + Start + X + Magnet on B button + Power = CFW)

This means for almost a year we could have Had Custom Fimware with Widely Available Flashcarts - on ANY FIRMWARE VERSION
(had the bootrom been released when dumped)

It's speculated that this was likely so nintendo could easily write NANDs and unbrick consoles themselves super easily, almost like a failsafe.

Since you need to spoof the lid being closed with a magnet - no one would have ever tried these button combinations to Boot from the Cart Slot before,

Hopefully we'll have some of these cartridges made up soon - or at least more compatibility, say for a Cheap R4 flashcart - that anyone could purchase or might already have.

Monday, 29 May 2017

[3DS][Release] "kit-kat-touch" - Stream n3DS Screens to PC & Control Touchscreen + Controls With XInput Gamepads - a fork of "kit-kat" by Pragma

Today I released a program over on github called "kit-kat-touch" - Download Here

Website & Written Tutorial:

kit-kat-touch is simply a fork of a popular Video Streaming companion for NTRViewer.exe called
"kit-kat" but with a few differences;
  • Less Overall features
  • Slimmer & more Compact UI
  • Focused more on using the Wireless Touchscreen Controls of InputRedirectonClient 

Friday, 26 May 2017

PSA Please Wait to unban your consoles untill the banwave is over.. Some expect second wave. Nintendo already taken names

JUST A QUICK REMINDER WAIT UNTILL THE BANWAVE IS OVER. The reason i havent released a video is you might get banned again during the next wave.

We need to make sure we can prevent things like this in the future

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

[3DS][PSA] Nintendo Banning CFW Users - Started Monday - No Known Reason - Speculation says Save File Hacking - Update* Turn off Spotpass it might be the culprit!*

Not a ton of information right now other then mass 3ds and 2ds users, who have custom firmware, are reporting being banned from online.
These reports seemingly began today on May 24th - but some users report they were banned as far back as Monday the 22nd, 2017

The error code is: 002-0102

This is happening to Arm9loaderhax and Boot9strap Users.

If you're on boot9strap or Luma without a9lh or emunand and got banned - DO NOT USE THE "FRIENDCODESEED" INJECTION TO FIX

You will likely brick your system

The following is copied from this gbatemp thread:

"Edit 1: it appears that e-Shop access isn't restricted if you are banned.

Edit 2: A caller to Nintendo reported that the company said this ban is due to "unauthorized software usage".

Edit 3: @LinkSoraZelda is collecting info. Contact him if you are banned.

Edit 4: Click and fill this out if you were BANNED.

A call to a Nintendo Tech Support yielded a "you played a hacked game, or unauthorized software or modified software online. You can't ask for this ban to be undone

Update: Seems Spotpass might somehow be the culprit maybe letting nintendo see what homebrew you've been playing such as FBI. Make sure to - SHUTOFF SPOTPASS!

I'll bring you more info when I can.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

[3DS][PSA] How to Safely Update to 11.40-37 Custom Firmware - 2DS/3DS/o3DS

Follow this Guide First to replace a9lh with boot9strap
(the reason for this is arm9loaderhax is no longer supported by Luma3DS.
- This means so we can't update to the latest Luma3DS without switching to boot9strap!

Then Follow this Guide afterwords to Update:

[3DS][PSA] Nanquitas updates initPRAGMAs Kit-Kat n3ds Streaming client for 11.4 Memory Patching ⚠ - Games like Pokemon ORAS - Video Streaming Working Again

If you use InitPRAGMAs Kit-kat Client to wirelessly capture your new 3DS screen, and you've updated to 11.4, you might notice some games like Pokemon Omega Ruby Disconnect when you load the Game.

Due to something moving around in the update. The Memory Patching Feature to keep the Video Stream going wasn't working on 11.4

Nanquitas (who has brought us bootntr selector) updated kit-kat temporarily to Allow the Memory Patch ⚠ feature to work.
Download the modified Kit-kat here:

- Click Connect on Kit-kat
- Click the ⚠ Memory Patch Button
- CLICK OK to accept disabling Online in-game
- start Pokemon ORAS
- load your Save

It should continue streaming instead of turning to a black ntrviewer.exe screen


[3DS][PSA] How to Update from "arm9loaderhax" to "boot9strap" for Luma3DS CFW Users - Get Luma v7.1 + sighax | A9LH No Longer Supported by Luma

With the release of sighax and complete exploitation of the Nintendo 3DS achieved, all that's left to do is sit back and wait for the new Software releases!

We have no idea what the future holds now that every nook and cranny of the 3DS can be looked at and accessed:

- Full speed/Impossible before emulators? 
- Apps that do who knows what?
- What will Homebrew Games with full access to hardware be like?
- Is Cyanogen3DS going to make a Comeback?

Will we see the first Full Custom Firmware on the 3DS?

In the meantime, lets make sure the Custom Firmware we do have is Up to Date and Compatible with some, "Go to Apps" ie:

-   Godmode9 which is now only compatible with Boot9Strap

The New payload files read by Luma3DS are ".firm" and not ".bin"
Therefore all future releases (and current Luma3DS v7.1) are not compatible with Arm9LoaderHax.

 - we need to replace it with SigHax and boot9strap

Head over to "The Guide" and follow the Instructions Plailect has made for "Updating to boot9strap" here:

Friday, 19 May 2017

[3DS][News][PSA] Custom Firmware Now Possible on any 3DS/2DS/o3DS - Thanks to SigHax - Bootrom Release Provides insights into 3DS Boot Sequenece - A9LH Replaced with Boot9Strap

Remember back in March and April, when Everyone wanted Custom firmware on 11.3.0-36?
Well before safehax + usdploit were update/released - we were all waiting on one exploit...

Although it turned out we never needed signhax in the first place, it was a great sign of hope for users who wanted CFW on 11.3 and missed the boat. 

Read More about Sighax: here

Now that a similar situation has happened with 11.4,
and a couple of months of waiting for @hedgeberg to dump the Bootrom, 

Sighax has been released by Derrek after teasing about a release on Twitter.

This means Custom firmware on any 3DS or 2DS with a Hardmod
or most 3DS and 2DS using DSIWareHax.

The Latter being only available if you know someone with Custom firmware Already who is willing to Sacrifice their NNID for you to get CFW on your 11.4 Device!

Here's a screen cap from The Guide Confirming the ability to CFW 11.4 Consoles

What does this mean for Users who already have Luma3DS and A9LH?

Basically as a9lh users were are going to have to update to boot9strap to "get with the times".

Luma3DS is no longer going to be providing support for a9lh and will be moving over to boot9strap instead for all official releases.

Meaning we need sighax to update to the Latest Luma Version if it is released soon (v7.0.6)

I will be making a Tutorial for that Soon! if you can't wait head over to & to boot9strap

During the exploitation process it was discovered that there is a Key Combination that Boots the NDS Cart slot before firmware (if the lid is closed) this was possibly used to sign firmware by Nintendo themselves!

This NDS Cart Hax could lead to use hacking the Nintendo 3DS without a hardmod or DSIwarehax, using a NDS Flash cart with custom code on it!

I will bring a more detailed version of what Sighax does/is another time!

Thursday, 11 May 2017

[3DS][News][05-11-2017] Cell9 Updates NTR CFW to 3.5 - Wireless Video Streaming Works on 11.4.0-37! BootNTR Selector Also Updated!

Somehow this slipped past my Radar, but I was informed on Twitter that BootNTR was updated to 3.2 and NTR CFW Updated to 3.5. (huge Thank You to @Panana__Bread)

The best part about this update? 

Wireless Video Streaming is now fixed on firmware 11.4!

Huge thank you to Cell9 as Wireless Streaming is the whole reason I got Custom firmware in the First place!

Sunday, 30 April 2017

[3DS][PSA] Smealum believes he has Fixed the n3ds 11.4 Homebrew Launcher Payloads - Improved Homebrew Support?

If you are using a New 3DS(xl) then you might be missing some homebrew apps, due to almost every one crashing when trying to launch.

Thankfully the epic Smea has updated the New3DS(xl) 11.4 otherapp.bin Payloads, hopefully this means more homebrew will now be functioning on 11.4.0 CFW and Userland.
How to Get the New Payloads

Thursday, 27 April 2017

[3DS][News][04/28/2017] Nintendo Drops Release Date for New Handheld Console | NEW 2DS XL | Whats Different? Comparing it to 3DS/2DS | Can We Get Custom Firmware or Homebrew? | Custom Japanese Colourway | SD Card + Game Slot Combo w/ Cover

Today is a Pretty big day in the Handheld community as Nintendo did the unthinkable and dropped a release date for a console no one knew was going to exist. 

Special Japanese Only Colourway from Japanese Trailer

Watch Nintendo's Official USA & Japan Trailer Here:

The "New 2DS XL" Boasts the same size screens as the n3DSxl, as well as the same C-Stick + ZR and ZL Buttons. It's the Same weight as the 2DS but has a Folding Screen;
 making it much more desirable for portable use!

Can We Hack The New2DSxl with 
Luma3DS Custom Firmware and Homebrew?

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

[3DS][News] Another Luma3DS Release v7.0.3 - More LayeredFS Compatibility for RomFSes mounted as "ext:" Titles like: Taiko no Tatsujin: Don Don! Mystery Adventure

This is just a quick update improving the game compatibility for Luma3DS' new integrated LayeredFS. It will add support to games using RomFSes that mount hacks as "ext:" - Honestly haven't a clue what that means other then more game hacks work now.

The Steps for Updating from 6.6 to 7.0.x that I posted about the other day should still apply perfectly
check that tutorial out here:

How to Properly Update Luma

AuroraWright's github Release:

[3DS][PSA][04-26-2017] Nintendo Updates Swapdoodle - Patches Doodlebomb v1 - (Don't Update Swapdoodle!)

Nintendo has released a quick update for Swapdoodle, effectively bringing 11.4.0-37 Userland Homebrew to a Hault.

[3DS][PSA] How to Properly Update to Luma3DS 7.0.x = FIX Games asking for FIRMWARE UPDATE to play Online [11.3.0-37 CFW]

If you haven't updated your 3DS/2DS to 11.4 (which you shouldn't do) then more then likely you are on 11.3.0-37 with Luma3DS 6.6 Custom Firmware. 

Now normally everything should be functioning perfectly, but recently some CFW users have reported "Games asking them to update to 11.4.0-37 to use Online Play"

Do not fear! For there is a super simple solution to this problem, without having to update firmware.
All we need to do is UPDATE Luma3DS to the Latest Stable Build which is currently 7.0.x


Monday, 24 April 2017

[PKMN][News][04-24-2017] The Pokemon Company Celebrates its 19th Anniversary

Since I was 6 years old The Pokemon company has brought me endless hours of fun, with tv shows as well as video games, toys and pokemon cards.

I just wanted to say a big old thank you and I hope we see another 3DS Release, as well as a new Switch Pokemon Game (Pokemon Stars? Are we heading back to Khanto?) who knows.

What is your guys favourite Pokemon? Mine might me Ampharos but I am falling in love with Alolan Raichu!

Tweet me your answers! @gameincanada

Lots more to come stay tuned

Saturday, 22 April 2017

[Emu][News][04-22-2017] WiinUSoft new Release: v3.1 - Use Wii + WiiU Controllers on YOUR PC! - Wiimote Infared Support - Bluetooth Fixes + Sync

Huge news in emulation, one of my favourite Gamepad Button mapping programs: WiinUSoft, received an update last month and I had no idea!

WiinUSoft allows you to connect Wiimotes, Nunchuks, WiiUPro, & Wii Classic Controllers to your PC- via Bluetooth, and Convert the Inputs to XInput.

Now you may ask, why would I want my Wii controllers to be "Xinput"?

Xinput is the type of input that Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers use to communicate. Being has Microsoft owns Xbox, the 360 & One Gamepad drivers are installed into most PC Games, Steam games, InputRedirectionClient(3ds) & HID to VPAD(wiiu), meaning they work natively.

Having the Ability to turn a Wiimote or WiiUPro Controller into a PC Xbox Controller opens the doors to many Emulators as well as some cool stuff we can do with Consoles, Such as making controllers work over WIFI on WiiU to play games they were never meant to play. Much like me playing Zelda BOTW with a wiimote here:

[3DS][News][04-22-2017] TheCruel's Free eShop Clone; now receiving Updates through "arc13's" Fork

We were all a little worried about what would happen to freeshop being as unforeseeable circumstances left TheCruel no longer able to update it.

Would users switch to ciangel? Or maybe Tikshop? Both apparently boast a more recent/faster updating, game list, but for some reason leave little to be desired Gui-wise.

The freeshop is just tried, true, and rolls of the tongue- not to mention it looks very pleasing to the eyes.

Luckily for us who are afraid of too much change, arc13, on, has made a fork of freeshop over on

Click here to download it.

So far it doesn't boast a ton of new features or anything very note worthy but I will mention it is beginning to have theme support. Which i think its pretty cool, who doesnt love to customize their homebrew!

Arc13 has also added an FBI-like top screen with new info: Clock, TW NAND and SD card space.

The program uses Encrypted title key file (encTitleKeys.bin) So youll need to find one to download. 

Checkout The gbatemp Release Thread: Here

Sorry I can't tell you where to get the titlekeys.


Saturday, 15 April 2017

[3DS][News][04/15/2017] Homebrew Launcher 11.2 otherapp.bin payloads - working for o3DS/2DS on 11.4 CFW

The old 11.2.0-35 otherapp.bin payload is working on o3DS/2DS 11.4 Custom Firmware to boot the Homebrew Launcher.

Unfortunately there is no way to boot homebrew on o3ds/2ds 11.4 userland(no custom firmware) devices yet but maybe soon!

Head over to to get the 11.2.0-35 payloads for your o3ds/2ds on CFW and you'll be running homebrew in no time.


Big thanks to Takashiku Farmer for letting me know I was giving out the wrong info!

Update Luma if you are still having issues!

[3DS][News][04/15/2017] Luma3DS gets update 7.0 from Aurorawright - Implementing LayeredFS - Random Fixes/Upgrades

SORRY for the no article head over to:

AuroraWright's Github and view 7.0 release notes - heres a few key things.

"- Implemented IPS patcher for code.bin, you need to copy the IPS patch to /luma/titles/<titleID>/code.ips.

- Added a LayeredFS implementation thanks to @delebile's hard work. Compatibility should be really good as only two games have been reported as being not working out of all the reports (due to the unusual way they were compiled).
To use it, you will need to copy romfs files (following the romfs folder structure) to /luma/titles/<titleID>/romfs/.
Coupled with IPS code patching, this allows for easy legal distribution of game translations/hacks.

- Added unverified New3DS SigHax support (it should work fine, though).Added support for the power button in menus (thanks @d0k3).Added possibility to patch NAND apps (like the eShop).

Download Play is now region free (thanks @adibsurani)."

Use Luma Updater to update to from 6.6 stable or hourly Build to the new 7.0

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

[3DS][News][04/12/2017] Reports of Luma3DS Latest Hourly Build - Fixes GBA VC + DS Cartridges on [11.4.0 -37]

Hearing some reports of the newest Luma3DS Latest Hourly Build 
Fixing the broken DS Functionality/GBA Virtual Console on firmware 11.4.0-37 when using:
luma3ds and Arm9loaderhax.


- Open up Luma updater app 

Press Down on the Dpad: to Select "Install latest hourly (28e6ad33)"
Press A: to Update from Luma 6.6 stable to Latest Hourly Build.

Hit Start to Reboot & Everything should work Fine!

[3DS][News][04/12/2017] NTR CFW UPATED FOR 11.4 - BUT VIDEO STREAMING IS STILL BROKEN [HOLD X] while opening BootNTRSelector to UPDATE

As was sort of expected BootNTRSelector has been quickly Updated for 11.4.0-37

If you accidentally Followed the System Update Step of "The Guide" and are now on 11.4 CFW then you can now update NTR CFW - BUT VIDEO STREAMING IS NO LONGER WORKING WAIT FOR A FIX OR DOWNGRADE TO 11.3 USING YOUR NAND BACKUP

*HOLD the [X] Button on your 3DS - when opening bootNTRSelector to Update*

If you haven't Downloaded BootNTRSelector Yet Head over to
and grab just 1 of the Releases:
for New3DS:

For o3DS:

- Put it in your /CIAS/ Folder of your SD Card
- Open FBI
- Choose SD
- Navigate to /CIAS/ Folder in FBI
- Choose bootntrselector-pablo-mk7-banner.cia
- Hit A to Install

[3DS][News][04/11/2017] MrNbayoh Releases "Doodle Bomb" - Boot Homebrew Launcher from "Swapdoodle" - How to Get Homebrew on 11.4.0 n3DS [Non-CFW] Userland - The New Soundhax- Sort of

*UPDATE April 12th 2017*

Go Download Swapdoodle for free from the Nintendo eShop - before Nintendo takes it down!

Instead of Explaining in my Own words what this Exploit does, go to MrNbayoh's Github Page and read the instructions. (It gets you Homebrew Launcher without custom firmware)

Learn how to Install Doodlebomb here:

[3DS][News][04/11/2017] "The Guide" by Plailect - UPDATED for [11.3.0-36] CUSTOM FIRMWARE!

Go to "The Guide" right now and get Custom Firmware on your 11.3.0-36 3DS/2DS!
Plailect is a legendary guide maker you can trust this. \

I have 3 Viewers, Confirmed (with pictures) to have CFW'd a 11.3.0 3DS/2DS Today, April 11th 2017.

after restoring my 11.3.0-36 nand Backup?

You technically don't have to perform a system update at this point during The Guide. You can stay on 11.3.0-36

*If you need to get on the Nintendo eShop on 11.3 
use "ctr httpwn"*

Check the List Below and Decide for yourself

The GBA VC is broken because of a Luma Issue causing a crash when entering DS mode


Go show some Love to the people who made this happen,

AuroraWright - Luma3DS/A9LH
Smealum - 3DS Homebrew Payloads + 11.xx Exploits
AppleTinivi - Safehax
Plailect - Guide Master
Yellows8 - Nintendo Update Bot - ctr httpwn - 11.xx Exploits
Hamcha - Luma Updater
d0k3 - Godmode9

I'd Type more, but do I really need to?

Have a good day everyone.