Sunday, 11 June 2017

Nintendo DMCA's Every Mainstream Rom and ISO from a Popular Backup Website (Mario,Pokemon,Fire Emblem, Megaman, Kirby) + MH:XX JPN Disappears from the titlekey site

If you've been on emuparadise lately, you might have noticed messages like this under every mainstream title Nintendo owns, 

It turns out Nintendo has DMCA'd a bunch of older Generation Consoles/Handheld Games
Removing Entire Series' like:


What could this possibly mean? 

Well other then us not being able to get all the games we know and love easily in backup form
It might mean that Nintendo is gearing up for a Massive Release on the Nintendo eShop, both for Switch and 3DS - to hopefully attract buyers to the n2dsxl.

This would also make sense with Monster Hunter Double Cross being removed from the Title keys websites, and with its Release scheduled for America, maybe Nintendo is getting rid of all traces of the games it wants people to legally acquire.

Update on MH:XX-  (I've been informed of transfering all your save data over to the USA Version when its released IS POSSIBLE - so maybe Nintendo wants to Prevent that as well.

This doesn't exactly make sense as to why they would remove the JAPANESE version but it seems with the English Translation Patch being already at v3, there might be too many users from American already Playing. (see above for update regarding Save data transfer)

Its also possible they need to do some sort of server maintanence to get the SWITCH and 3DS to work together for MH:XX - just speculation - You can Watch my Video on it here:


Monster Hunter XX

When I Learn more I will let you guys know.
If you know of any titles that have been removed please Tweet me @GameInCanada


  1. Even though nintendo has the rights to do this because its there content it still makes me mad and pissed off a little😁

    1. Technically speaking they DON'T have the rights to do this, as it's within the consumers rights to backup their games and play them on ANY console they deem fit to do so, as long as they don't modify any core components (IE Blatantly making a Pokemon game look like Mario). ISO's and ROM's are literally digital forms of storage. A person is also legally allowed to store said data online in fileshare websites.

      This is how broken the copyright system is, when people like you understand that they have the right to do this, but don't understand that at the same time they DON'T have the right to do this.

      See note: Alex Mauer.

    2. Yeah, but the problem is sites like emuparadise and others use ads and other monetizing content on their sites which makes this right useless.