Monday, 17 July 2017

[WiiU][PSA] Nintendo Releases "5.5.2 Firmware Update" - 1.5 Years after "5.5.1"

Today Nintendo did the unthinkable and updated the WiiU with a firmware update 5.5.2.


Turn off your Wifi before turning on your system if you aren't sure you Blocked Nintendo!

  •  Follow These Links to Block Nintendo on your WiiU

- How to Change DNS:
- How to Block Tendy on your Router:

Monday, 10 July 2017

[3DS][News] NINTENDO RELEASES 11.5.0-38 & no one can figure out what it did - Smea Already Releases 11.5 *hax Payloads - NOTHING BROKEN FOR CFW USERS!

Today around 8-9 pm I received a tweet on my phone from Smea & Yellows8' Twitter Bot. These Tweets were directing my attention to the Fact that Nintendo Released a "New 11.5 Update" for the Nintendo n3DS, o3DS & 2DS.

Right off the bat I was a bit worried but as it turns out:

- If you have Luma CFW and Boot9Strap it is SAFE TO UPDATE TO 11.5.0
(make a nand backup if you don't have one first! -->HOW TO MAKE A NAND BACKUP<--)

- Everything Rosalina Related still works fine!

- Kernel Exploits for the 3DS "end of life" were not patched on 11.5
( These are soft-mods for the future after nintendo drops support for the 3DS)

- Smea Already Updated the Payloads before I even got Home - Unfortunately the o3DS and 2DS still aren't able to use Homebrew on Userland Devices (non-cfw)

These *hax Payloads don't matter if you have Luma CFW on 8.0 or Higher:
- CFW users use the "Boot.3dsx" File on the root of your SD Card to launch homebrew (don't need to change anything)
Homebrew Payloads n3DS ONLY:

Its Quite possible this new update from Tendy was just to bring more "Stability" to the n3DS and o3DS 

- There were a few games released lately, and its possible 11.5 fixed some simple bug issues on the older devices or something to that effect.

I will keep you guys up to date on the latest!

Watch the Video for This Artcle here: